Touchstone Stories


For many years I have been collecting inspirational stories about each of The Twelve Gifts.  Some are from my own life–and I suppose I’ve been automatically collecting those since I was born. But I began to notice, appreciate, and gather these stories more consciously after I wrote The Twelve Gifts of Birth.

After publishing the book, I started to intentionally look for ways to make the gifts more real and relevant in my own life and to help others, especially children, recognize these gifts and delight in them.

As you know, when we seek, we find! Similar to how a particular stone seems to call for attention when we walk along a path, incidents began to stand out and sparkle for me in the course of each day. And, just as we often pick up that stone to examine it or hold it awhile, I savored and saved these stories.

I call them “touchtone stories” because, for me, they serve as touchstones, helping me stay in touch with The Twelve Gifts. They remind me to open myself to the place in me where these gifts reside and to tap into their power.

You’ll find a sampling of these stories on this website.

I have also been collecting quotes, activities, symbols, and metaphors that act like touchstones for tapping into The Twelve Gifts.  I’ll be sharing some of those in the Tips & Tools area of this website and in the “Gift Box” on my home page and presenting many more in experiential workshops and future books.

In the meantime, I hope that the stories featured here now will spark recognitions of your own touchstone events. If you feel inclined to share a story, please do.