The Twelve Gifts From The Garden



Life Lessons and Inspirational Art of the Garden

During a tropical storm. In the aftermath of chemotherapy. In the midst of marital discord. These are among the times author Charlene Costanzo found comfort, joy, hope, and healing on Sanibel Island. Now, comes a collection of insightful life-guiding reflections inspired by nature found in a botanical garden.

A collection of healing, discoveries, and epiphanies inspired in the garden. In the tradition of Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s Gift from the Sea, Charlene finds awe in the bounty of seashells along the Florida shoreline. And although intrigued by their fine details, it’s the foliage in Sanibel’s botanical garden that brings lesson-bearing messages. Such are the ones shared in this book.

Translating the beauty of botany into words of wisdom. If you look closely, plants sprout with will power, bloom with determination, and reveal their inherent wisdom by turning toward light and adapting to change. Drawing from the beautiful nature of flowers, Charlene crafts garden-inspired messages from her experiences with healing and understanding. Some pieces provide comfort. Some support strength and courage. And with quotes, reflections, and layers of questions, each message can be appreciated on its own, like a single flower.

Inside this beautiful book find bonus material like:

  • An epilogue with messages from two other locales, Sedona, Arizona and St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Pen-and-ink line drawings with illustrations of flowers, leaves, and garden plants
  • Charlene’s Twelve Gifts resource and how they apply to the lessons learned in the garden

If you enjoy simple drawings of flora or books like I’ve Been Thinking or The Hidden Life of Trees, then The Twelve Gifts from the Garden is your next read!