Face of a childLooking into the pure and trusting eyes of a child can help us to sense and see the “Loving Essence.”


When we see this in others and ourselves, we shift into an experience of wonder, joy, beauty, strength, peace, compassion, hope…LOVE!


The experience is so powerful, sweet, and profound, why would we not seek this way of seeing often?  


We get busy. We forget it exists.


But even if it seems that we never knew this place, it dwells within us now.


Like this child, for a time we knew it well.
And we can know it again.


Let’s try. Now. And at least once each day.


Look into the eyes of this child, or the eyes of a beloved child in your life, or the eyes of an animal you love.


Gaze into your own eyes reflected in a mirror. Intend to see the wonder child who lives and loves in you.


Ask for help and be ready for the grace.

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