Consider this image of us woven into one lace-like fabric.

The fabric that we are “consists of holes, but also of threads that tie us together, said Kayla Severson. “The more we embrace our fragility and shared sufferings, the more boundaries we overcome, until the light can’t help but pour on in.” 

Let’s recognize our common threads, embrace our shared sufferings, and acknowledge how basic human needs are woven within us.

Surely you’ve noticed at one time or another what happens when you are kind to a stranger.

I’ve noticed that feelings of connection happen whenever I treat a so-called “stranger” with respect, interest, and caring. I feel uplifted and the other person looks lifted. We smile at each other. Occasionally we hug. Sometimes we tear.

Can you imagine what would happen if millions of us acted kindly toward all the people with whom we share life on earth now?

Amazing changes would come about. Light and love will pour in. 

What are we waiting for?

Choosing love,

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