Look Up Moss in Tree

Please try this: Sometime today, pause, and for a moment, look up. Be open to see something new. Or, look all around you and be open to seeing differently.

While out for a walk this morning, I stopped under a tree and did this.  Just then, the stillness in the air was replaced by a sweet gentle breeze. A string of Spanish Moss hanging from a branch directly over my head swayed back and forth and then twirled in circles.  Can you see it?  It seemed to be dancing with delight. The child in me imagined that the moss somehow noticed my attention.

This seemingly small, simple observation and appreciation triggered a memory of something I read in the book Inner Knowing, which is a collection of essays edited by Helen Palmer. In the Introduction, Helen relates a conversation she had with a computer scientist who was also a semi-professional opera singer. Every morning when he practiced, the man would look out a closed window and direct his voice toward a grove of trees. One morning he opened the window and sang even more full-out than usual to those trees in the distance.  Suddenly, he felt connected with all that he saw and “his voice was one of many, until he came awake to hear the world singing back. Years later, the memory of being sung to still moved him to tears.”


Now and then, to some extent, we all experience a shift in awareness and sense the wondrous Oneness as that man did.  Can you recall a time when you saw this way? Even when it is just a tiny taste…wow.

May we all perceive this way more often.

One thought on “LOOK UP!

  1. I do this almost every morning when I walk my dog up near the canyon where I live in LA. I always take the same route and there is a multitude of trees and plants along the way. Yesterday morning, there was a slight breeze which made the trees sway and the leaves whistle. I was completely captivated, so I sat on the nearest rock, closed my eyes and had a 5 minute meditation in the beauty of my presence.

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