“To me, art is about arranging certain stuff, in a certain order, in a certain place, with a certain end in mind.” ~ Walter Hamady

Years ago, while walking along the beach on Sanibel Island, I came across this beach garden. While other families were making sand castles, one family had gathered beach debris and transformed it into their own unique expression of beach art.

We can all do that with the stuff of our lives – arrange it in a certain way to give it order and meaning and beauty – and make art. 

Let’s aim to look at things this way. How might I transform this? That? Make beauty? Make art? Make a difference? We are all meant to create.

With love and imagination,

One thought on “LET’S MAKE BEAUTY

  1. So inspired by your words. I remember when we all were young and filled with dreams. Now fifty years later we get to live them.❤️????????

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