I came upon a John-Roger quote about “home” this morning. When I read it, a memory and idea popped up and got my attention, like the first hot corn kernels that hit the bag in the microwave and call for me to watch and take care.

The quote is:

“Sometimes a person will feel a sadness and despair that nothing in this world can relieve. It is experienced almost as a feeling of homesickness, and that is actually what it is.” John-Roger goes on to say that we all long to be in touch with this place of “home” in us, the soul place in us, especially when we are out of touch with it.

I’ve known that feeling. Have you?

Well, the memory that suddenly popped was this:

In 1987, my sister-in-law, Mary Margaret, and I started an enterprise called UPLIFTS FROM HOME. It was a part of our main business, TISKET A TASKET, which was a gift basket service located in Jamestown, New York.

Through UPLIFTS FROM HOME, parents sent gift boxes to their away-from home college children who may be experiencing homesickness. Each monthly UPLIFT FROM HOME gift box was designed to nurture a student with food for the body, inspiration for the mind, and love for the spirit, all in a fun way. UPLIFTS FROM HOME were sent to military sons and daughters too.

The idea that burst forth was this:

What if we regularly sent ourselves some sweet little UPLIFT from that place of HOME within us? I think that this very idea came from that place of HOME in me! But, how would we do that? The intention itself is a start.

I invite you to consider sending your self AN UPLIFT FROM HOME today, from that place in you that loves you unconditionally.

What do you think of this idea? Goofy? Maybe. But maybe we all need to be a little goofy now and then. Consider having some fun with this. Be playful. Be child-like.
And let that place of HOME in you let you know that you are loved.

Eat some popcorn.
Play a piece of music you love.
Do a little dance.
Tune in to the place of HOME in you.


  1. Please read my blog for Friday, March 18th, 2011 at entitled “Found the Treasure of A Lifetime in Sedona”
    This will let you know that I am visiting Sedona and found your books in my favorite shoppe here by my resort.
    First off, I LOVE POPCORN – IT IS A REQUIRMENT EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT with our family night at the movies! Secondly I am now playing my new CD “Ancient Dreams” by Wolfs Robe AKA: The Flute Man. Just heard him tonight at our resort and after hearing his special story I had to have a signed copy of his latest work. More on that later. Thirdly, my hubby and I met on the dance floor and love to dance to just about anything. I love to smile as this is one of the gifts God an instilled in me . . . when you smile it’s hard to be sad.
    You have totally inspired me to use your work to help my Network Marketing team turn within to find their GREATNESS and to learn how to let go of inner conflict! You are an amazing woman and someway, somehow wish we could meet or at the very least have a phone conversation.
    It’s because of my 32 year old daughter’s death from alcoholism and prescription drug addiction that I have had to pull on my inner strength which has made me even stronger to cope with her twin sisters addicted to meth and prescription drugs. They are both struggling and I am looking forward to sharing your work with them and will most likely get them each a copy of your gift of healing book for their April birthdays.
    I am looking forward to and so very excited about future communication with you Charlene! Diane Priest – Corona, CA

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