Purple stained cloth and glass

I had just written my “Today’s Touchstone” message for tomorrow about faith being like a safety net.


I made a Berry Smoothie and then slipped on a drop of water on the kitchen floor.


The  amazing thing is: I felt cradled on the way down to the tile.  Time slowed.  I somehow landed gently.  So did the glass.  It fell on the tile but did not break!

I wish I had thought to get a photo of the mess before my husband kindly cleaned it up. The deep purple drink splattered everywhere. Here’s a photo of that glass next to a formerly-white washcloth after repeated rinsing.

One sip of the drink remained in the glass. It was delicious.


What was more delicious was experiencing a sense of safety and being cared for, even during and after the fall, especially in light of what I had just written to share with others:


“Parachutes weren’t proven trustworthy
by having people carry them around on their backs.
The device showed its reliability once someone jumped.”
– Mary Manin Morrissey


Are you facing anything now that calls for a leap of faith?

Recall a time when you jumped safely into the unknown.
Remember the sense of being carried through?


If your faith feels too small to make a big leap right now,
consider how faith is also woven into the net beneath you
as you seek balance on your high wire walk.
Trust in what is unfolding.
Even if you fall, you are safe.


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