Clear the Way for Compassion

Releasing Regrets and Resentments

While I was undergoing chemotherapy, I used ginger to help settle stomach upset. Before sipping ginger ale, I stirred out the bubbles.

Have you ever noticed how a carbonated beverage can look flat, but when you give it another mix, more bubbles appear?

Perhaps because I was seeking healing on all levels at the time, I saw a connection between hidden gas in soda and stuck emotions in me.  Just when I thought I had worked through an issue and arrived at a place of calm, some triggering event would stir up more bubbles of anger and hurt.

Unfinished business in all of us is a bit like hidden CO2 in seemingly flat soda. We often can’t see it, but it’s there, kind of hidden. Triggering events can stir up unresolved regrets and resentments in us just as the swirl of a spoon can stir up some bubbles in a beverage.

Instead of berating ourselves when old issues resurface in us, we can see these emotional stirrings as blessed opportunities to release more stuck “stuff.”

We can use this bubble metaphor to our advantage for life-long healing and building inner strength and self worth.

Consider starting and/or ending each day by using a ritual to express your intention to clear yourself of accumulated distress. With a bottle of bubbles in hand, go outdoors. As you take in a deep breath, imagine stored upsets moving into the flow of that breath. As you expel that breath, blow through the bubble wand. Visualize the negative energies entering the bubbles. Watch those bubbles float away.  Repeat.  Notice that you feel lighter. Cross your hands over your heart. Welcome the flow of compassion. Express gratitude. Smile and open yourself to joy.