The Twelve Gifts of Birth

There is no more magical moment than when a newborn baby is laid in a mother’s arms.  What was for many months a dream and a mystery is now a miraculous new person at the threshold of a life filled with possibilities.

Through a tender, inspiring tale, The Twelve Gifts of Birth reveals the birthright inheritance that all children receive at this moment.  Wise women, otherwise known as fairy godmothers, announce the twelve gifts in the form of blessings and show how to use them to enrich one’s life.  This keepsake book encourages new parents to nurture and protect the wondrous qualities that have been bestowed on their tiny miracles.

When shared with young children, this message helps form within them a strong foundation of self-respect and values.  For teens and adults, this story offers healing and hope during times of diminished self-esteem and uncertain transition.  It reminds all readers to see the dignity that is inherent in themselves and others.

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“Every home should have this book. Every family should read it often. New parents will treasure this message of hope and love.” – Lendon Smith, M.D. Pediatrics, Portland, OR 

“These gifts are the wealth of the soul. I was moved to tears when I read it and recognized my own gifts and even more so when I read it to the children who have been labeled as hopeless. I watched their eyes brighten and their spirits lift as they heard the powerful gifts that lie dormant inside of them.”  – Momma Hawk, Founder, Recovering Gifted Child Academy