Have you ever said, “I’ve got too much on my plate?”


Several years ago, while I was promoting a new book and traveling around the Midwest, I voiced that to Rev. Ralph, a minister I met in Milwaukee.


“Well, just ask God for a bigger plate!” Rev. Ralph chortled. “That’s what I do.”


Although his response was offered humorously, and I laughed along with that vibrant man, I immediately sensed the power in his light-hearted suggestion. And, in that ah-ha moment, the image of a large plate popped into my mind.


For sure, it makes sense for us to regularly examine our lives with compassion and wisdom, prioritize, and postpone (or eliminate) some of our “to dos.” Sometimes we do need to remove stuff from our proverbial plates.


At the same time, it IS wise to ask for a bigger plate!


We are all capable of so much more than we are presently doing and being.


Asking for a bigger plate reminds me of the Prayer of Jabez. Perhaps you read the book by that name which was authored by Bruce Wilkinson, published in 2000. The bestseller is based on the 1 Chronicles 4:10 biblical quote in which Jabez asks God to enlarge his “territory.”


To me, the Prayer of Jabez is like asking God for bigger plate. That prayer is not about wanting more material power and prosperity, but about having limitations softened and capacities expanded. We can all benefit by expanding our consciousness, capacities, and confidence. Can’t we? And, we need guidance and grace to do that.


When, like Jabez and Rev. Ralph, I ask for a bigger plate, I feel less restricted by limiting thoughts, such as I don’t have enough time; and I experience a sense of more space, focus, order, peace, and hope.


Try it. Ask for a bigger plate. Picture one in your mind. And, see how it works for you.


3 thoughts on “ASK FOR A BIGGER PLATE

  1. I write again—I have pulled back from many things in my life and I have prioritized only things that garner me happiness. Besides work, I go to the gym 3-4 nights a week, have one date night weekly with my beloved partner, take a Spanish class, and go to my meditation center on Sundays. I am really content. As I have gotten older I have realized doing less really is more. I feel more expansive and vibrant.

  2. I love this blog — I have been feeling very busy and overwhelmed and have made the statement that my plate is so full right now. I just went, Ha — ask for a bigger plate! Yes, that certainly makes sense. I also love the words “expand my territory”. Our choir actually sings a song that includes that phrase. And for me, the “bigger plate”, is not about taking on more stuff to do, but to really expand myself within, spiritually and mentally — to know myself as a spiritual being deeper and more solid in my faith. Thank you, Charlene.

  3. Thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts with us!  WOW!  I love this blog, in fact I loved them all.  I don’t know how I missed them before.  This latest one is exactly what I needed to read.  It puts a different perspective on my overbusy-ness.  I love what you say about asking God to soften my limitations and expand my capacity.  What came to mind when I asked myself what my current plate looks like is a small overflowing, heaped and jumbled plate. It feels powerful, expansive, and honoring to visualize a beautiful large platter with the positive things I want in my life, artfully arranged with sacred space around them.  In fact, I have a large, gorgeous platter stored away that I will display in my home, and arrange on it symbolic items that represent what I’d like in my life.  I never got around to making a vision board, but I’m very excited about creating a vision plate! Thank you for inspiring me, Charlene!

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