My mom had suffered a severe stroke. Her doctor said we should prepare ourselves: she probably would not recover.


My mom survived that night. And another.


When she regained consciousness, she couldn’t move or speak.


But her eyes seemed to say: “I’m very sick, aren’t I?”


The next morning, after reading a healing message in my daily devotional, I hurried to the hospital and rushed to her beside.


“Mom, I read something this morning. I’d like to read it to you. Would you like to hear it?” I asked.


Her eyes said, “Yes.”   


As I read the message, I watched her go from a state of fear to a place of hope.


“Would you like to hear it again, Mom.”


“Yes,” said her eyes.


So I read it again. And again. I read that message throughout the day, day-after-day for many days. When my mom began to make sounds and could move her left arm, she asked to hear it with a gesture.


Here is the message I first read on December 20, 1987:


“God’s will for you is that you are whole, well, energetic, and strong. Believe this Truth and absorb this healing message into your mind, body, and emotions.


Think of the leper mentioned in the fifth chapter of Luke, who said, ‘Lord, if you will, make me clean.’ And the Lord said, ‘I will. Be clean.’ And immediately the leprosy left him.


The Christ life that is with you and within you now is just as real and powerful as it was for the leper who was healed of a seemingly incurable disease. Know beyond any doubt that the pure life of Christ is within you.


Begin right now to rest in the assurance of the healing power of Christ. As you rest from all worry, you are preparing the way for renewal.”   –   Daily Word 12/20/87, used with permission.


It took a long time, a year, but my mom fully recovered and lived for another ten years.


I have continued to read that message every day, with appreciation for that healing and to remind me of the healing power that dwells in every one us.


It is not for a physical healing that I pray today. It is for the emotional healing of billions. So many hearts are hurting now. Let’s pray for one another. 


May we be uplifted in hope and be renewed in health and harmony within our families and communities and within and among all the world’s countries.


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