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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”  – Socrates   

Let’s give our best and do our best to keep ourselves healthy and hopeful and to build a safer, kinder world with respect and harmony among us. 

Love and strength to you and yours, 


“A tree has roots in the soil yet reaches to the sky. It tells us that in order to aspire we need to be grounded and that no matter how high we go it is from our roots that we draw sustenance.” ~ Wangari Maathai

Trees. Let’s learn from them. They give us so much, including life-sustaining oxygen, life-affirming examples, and life-guiding lessons.

One valuable lesson for these confusing times is this:

Potentials are present in every challenge. In fact, great transformation is possible now. We can each help bring healing, compassion, and respect for all people into the world…justice, peace, and reverence for all creation too. We do this by staying rooted deeply in the values we are reaching for. We become like a tree that draws sustenance from its roots for the strengthening of every leaf and opening of every flower. We do this by practicing compassion, courage, reverence…all the highest ideals that are in the essence, the heart, of every person, religion, and culture on earth.

Essentially, we LIVE The Twelve Gifts, especially love.  

Among our Twelve Gifts is talent, or talentry. Like branches on a tree, we all have a special abilities and interests that are expressions of us. Often the things we like to do, the things we care about – our talentry – branches in many directions. In addition to practicing compassion with courage, we can nurture the blossoming our talents and use them to make a difference.

With love,

THE SEVENTH GIFT IS TALENT: May you discover your own special abilities and contribute them toward a better world.


“Makes no difference who you are…”
– Leigh Harline and Ned Washington

It’s true. It makes no difference.

“Makes no difference who you are,” goes the song, “When You Wish Upon a Star.” Jiminy Cricket sings it in the film, Pinocchio.

The message is meant for all of us. We all deserve to have dreams. And when they come from our hearts, they can come true.

Another true message for all of us is demonstrated by Coco, the kitten in the photo with her security blanket, “Fishie.”

Everyone needs to feel safe and secure. We all deserve to be safe and secure. We all deserve to have dreams and be free to follow them.

Let’s do all we can to assure safety and the freedom to be oneself, for ourselves and for all. This includes fostering respect and reverence within ourselves and cultivating then in our culture. How might we do this?

Here are some ways to consider:

Practice mindfulness and compassion for oneself.

Notice when thoughts about ourselves and others are harsh. Get into the habit of then pausing, taking a few slow, deep breaths, and saying something like, “I forgive myself for judging myself and others as not good enough, bad, worthless, dumb, lazy, weak, stupid, ugly, or whatever negative label we are using.”

Apply love like a healing balm for our hearts. One way to do this is by placing our hands over our hearts, close our eyes, intend to have love flow into our hearts, and stay in this position until subtle or strong warmth is felt.

Avoid all books, films, games, conversations, and situations that celebrate and encourage meanness.

Perform at least one deliberate act of kindness every day.

Smile often.

Another activity to try and possibly make a habit is to remember that every person we see and encounter was an innocent, trusting, playful toddler. Take this further by, as best we can, “seeing” at least one person each day as they sweet child they once were. Imagine getting in touch with the young child we were. Stir love and compassion for the children we were and the child we aim to see in others, in all.

Pray for increased love and respect flowing among us all.

Reach inside for courage and strength every time we feel reluctant, shy, afraid, not important enough, or any other limiting perspective that holds us back from doing the right thing and from following our dreams.

I wish you deep sleep and beautiful dreams, the REM kind and the make-a-difference-in-the-world kind. I wish you peace and hope too.

With love,

The eighth gift is IMAGINATION. May it nourish your visions and dreams. – from The Twelve Gifts of Birth