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“One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.” – Leo Tolstoy

Last month my husband, Frank, and I spent several weeks on Florida’s Sanibel Island. It’s a place where nature is respected and protected. In fact, nature preserves make up more than half of the tropical territory and buildings can be no taller than the tallest native tree.
We love that about Sanibel.

Besides feeling refreshed and nurtured by the island’s lush foliage, my joy was stirred by the sight of pelicans skimming over the sea, dolphins breaching, schools of tiny fish in tide-pools, and hundreds of live sand dollars nestled just below the surface in the sand bar.  While there, I took many nature photos and used them in my daily Today’s Touchstone messages. *

When our stay ended, Frank and I both felt reluctant to leave the low-key little island where nature dominates and return to central Florida where development is king.

But upon pulling into our driveway, we were welcomed by a few of the magestic sandhill cranes who visit us daily. These long legged birds always stir our joy and sometimes, our laughter. And I was reminded to focus on the positive, look for beauty, notice nature everywhere, and be grateful for the gifts that are always present. As I was writing this, a lovely female cardinal landed on the window sill right before my eyes and stayed awhile.

Wherever you are, take time to appreciate the beauty and wonder of some aspect of nature. Let the song of a bird or the sight of a butterfly or the scent of a flower nurture the joy in you. You know what stirs your joy.  Choose to focus on that. 

For health and happiness, let’s keep our link strong.

With love,

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