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Girl jumps to the New Year 2016


“The old year is put to bed, one’s business is finished, and the harvest of spiritual maturity is reaped as wisdom and forgiveness.”  ~ Joan Borysenko

May we end 2015 with a sense of completion and gratitude for learnings.

May we look to 2016 with a sense of promise, with hope, and with a readiness to heal, learn, and grow further in love, in wisdom, in kindness.

And may we listen with care to the callings in our hearts. How are we to contribute our time and talent in ways that contribute to a better world and bring joy to us?

Wishing you great leaps forward,





Margaret from Pennsylvania told me about an experience she’d had thirty years ago, when she was in her early twenties. One day, during a time of depression and uncertainty, she’d suddenly realized that everyone who is now living, as well as everyone who has ever lived, had a sense of how she felt because they, too, have felt emotional pain and confusion at some point in their lives.


“In that moment, I became aware that thousands, millions, maybe a billion, maybe billions of people on the planet were hurting in some way right then, at the same time as I was,” she said. “Even though they did not know me personally, they knew how I felt and I knew how they felt… not exactly, but we all knew pain. In that moment, my heart burst open. I felt compassion for them and compassion for me. I try to remember that experience whenever I sink into depression and feel alone in my own sadness. It helps me to be kinder to myself and to others.”

The story above is reprinted with permission from TOUCHSTONES: STORIES FOR LIVING THE TWELVE GIFTS ©2012 by Charlene Costanzo

Let’s let Margaret’s ah-ha moment remind us to be kind to ourselves and others.